What You Should Know About COPD and How to Prevent It

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or what is more commonly known as COPD, is a type of lung disease that causes severe respiratory problems. It is a disease that affects millions of people, daily, worldwide. The disease is, mostly, a result of certain environmental factors that make it harder for patients to breathe normally and get sufficient amounts of air in their lungs. There are a number of risk factors that people should be aware of, when it comes to COPD, including ways on how to prevent it from happening to you or your loved ones.

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Understanding COPD

Just like any other lung disease, COPD affects the regular breathing pattern of the patient, making it harder, for them, to inhale the required amount of oxygen their body needs. In certain rare cases, this disease is caused by underlying health conditions such as the presence of asthma or another type of lung disease. However, in the majority of cases, COPD is caused by environmental factors. It can also cause a risk of contracting other diseases such as bronchitis or cause irritation to those who already suffer from it. Patients often ask is bronchitis viral or bacterial, and the answer is it is mostly viral, but can be bacterial depending on the severity of the COPD symptoms. Using certain formulas or medication, all the breathing and coughing symptoms that occur as a result of COPD can be reduced or eliminated.

Preventing COPD

Similar to other diseases, caused by environmental factors, COPD is preventable if the correct cautionary measures are undertaken. There are a few things one could avoid to prevent the incidence of COPD and reduce the risk of other lung diseases.

Avoiding smoke

It goes without saying that smoking is one of the main causes of COPD. Furthermore, it significantly increases the risk of other lung diseases. The underlying reason behind this is when a cigarette burns it releases thousands of toxic chemicals that irritate and damage the lining of the airways, leading to the flare-up of the COPD symptoms. Those individuals with symptoms of bronchitis are at an even greater risk of contracting COPD if they smoke or are near smokers for extended periods of time (due to secondhand smoke). Try to steer clear of smoking, if you have a high risk of developing respiratory problems, and avoid places, especially closed areas, where smokers are found.

Steering clear of inhaling toxic/harmful chemicals

Similar to smoking, inhaling harmful chemicals can be one of the risk factors of contracting COPD. Try to be aware of  the scent of your surroundings,  since  inhaling toxic chemicals could pose a danger to your lungs and thus disturb your breathing pattern. This can be anything from chemicals found at home, like chlorine cleaners, or working in a place where chemicals are used or manufactured.

COPD is a dangerous lung disease that many people fall victim to. Luckily, it is a disease that could be prevented, if people take the right measures to protect themselves and their loved ones. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease hits the lungs and affects the healthy respiratory system; so, in order to avoid its harmful effects, one must always make sure to breathe fresh air, away from any contamination and other environmental pollutants. Make sure you consult a specialist, if you feel any COPD symptoms, so you can understand more about it know how to deal with it and avoid the risk factors.