How to Burn More Calories While Sleeping

Are you awe-struck! Don’t be because you can genuinely burn out some of your calories while sleeping. Sleeping here means when you are in deep sleep and not just lying on the bed, reading or doing some other stuff.

  • Does our body reduce calories while we are sleeping?

Must it be the first question pumping out of your mind right? The answer is pretty simple as there are certain functions like monitoring internal temperature, repairing of cells and tissues, pumping blood which is maintained by the body especially during the night time. Hence, results in losing calories.

  • Simple hacks to help your body in reducing calories during night-time –

We all wish to be sleek, slim and fit. Most of us are dedicated towards yoga, exercise and some are gym freaks. Whereas there are some people, who don’t get time to this stuff and also some who wish to reduce weight even while they are sleeping.  Here below we have mentioned some of the tips and tricks which are going to be life-changing for only those who will seriously implement them in their life –

Sleep with a firm mattressUsing a firm mattress will enable your body to have proper weight distribution. This will give your spine a proper alignment also you will not have any health issues and sleep deprivation. Sleeping with a firm mattress will give you a relaxing and deeper sleep as well.

Close the kitchen early – Make this a strict routine and inform everyone; that from today your kitchen timings have been changed. Following this tip, you will be having your last meal of the day quite early compared to your regular meals. If you will eat during late hours; growth hormones present in your body will force it to store the food as fats and not as fuel.

Cut your meals – Eating much early before sleeping is suggested but it doesn’t mean that you need to go to your bed as starving. You should not be completely sacked up but your stomach should be filled. Instead of eating a monster meal, cut your meals into shorter proportion or else your body will keep you awake with stomach issues and heat burns etc.

Daily exercise – do not blindly depend on the night time routine, instead engage yourself in regular exercises like strength training, cardio and yoga to burn some of your body mass. You can do exercise 3-4 hours before going to sleep as well. In this way, your body will get much deeper and relax nap too.

Set your phones and TV’s to switch off mode – watching TV and using any other kinds of electronics during night time adversely affects our body. Research says those who spend less time on phones and watches less TV are much lean and fit than others. Also getting involved with electronics for more than 2 to 3 hours might result in diabetes, early death, cardiac arrest and other heart problems as well.

Say no to Alcohol – Make sure there is no intake of alcohol in your body before 3-4 hours of going to bed. This will help your body to get enough time to metabolize itself and will not restrict your body from going to deeper sleep.

Sleep Nude – take off all your clothing before going inside your blanket. This will keep your body temperature cool and will reserve the brown fat which is the main factor behind reducing calories at night time.

  • What to eat and what not to eat before going to bed?

There are certain food items that will support your mission of reducing calories while sleep. Check out the list –

  • Grams or whole grains (especially during lunchtime)
  • Skinless chicken
  • Lean turkey meat
  • Tea – like peppermint, valerian, lavender etc
  • Protein shake
  • Mint
  • Fruits like – Green apple, banana
  • Wine – (only a glass is recommended in a right amount)

If you seriously want to get into a lean shape then make sure to follow all the tips mentioned above. Your daily regular habits, routine clubbed with your eating habits will altogether result in losing calories. Just set your alarm, make your routine upright straight and promise yourself to follow them rigorously every day.