Parents Guide: How to Administer Drug Testing at Home


Drug testing at home is a convenient way of monitoring your child to appease any worries about them going astray. It makes a lot of sense especially now that there are so many pressures around the world, rampant misinformation and bad influences. Administering the drug test at home can be beneficial for both the child and the parent but only when done right and properly. After all, you are doing it for the sake of your child and their future so this intention should be clearly established first.


How to Administer Drug Testing at Home


Use Only Credible Resources

There are various different types of tests available in the market and you have to do your research about them or consult with an expert or your family doctor to get recommendations. You have to choose one that is viable to establish the credibility of the test with your child. They are more likely to participate well if they see how legitimate and intricate it is. The most known urine and saliva tests are common to detect marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines. Other sophisticated kits can test for sedatives, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines. Highly specialized at-home tests are more expensive but can detect LSD, inhalants, and even mushrooms.

There isn’t really a single test that will detect all the substances so some parents resort to the available 12 Panel Drug Test in the market to get wider coverage. This is an easier way to do the home testing which can yield for more results and can detect more substances. This is also easier so you don’t have to conduct different other tests that can prolong the procedure beyond the comfortability of you and your child. These are some of the reasons behind the appeal of this test to parents.

Talking it Out

This is a delicate situation. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don’t start the process correctly. You need to first establish open and honest communication with your child and have them completely on board with the whole thing. As a parent, you have to give your trust to your child so they will trust your decision in return. Give them the assurance that this is not an invasive procedure but a necessity for their own protection. Start by stating the reasons why you have to do the testing, how it is done, when it is expected, and what you are doing with the results. You also have to explain the whole process including the resources you are going to use. You have to gain their permission lovingly while being firm about the decision.


Timing is Everything

The perfect time for testing heavily depends on every child and situation and you need to be observant. At first, you can establish a routine so your child will not be caught unprepared and would cause them negative reactions. After some time, you can gear towards making random testing as long as you have established the normalcy of testing.

Some parents do it after knowing that their child went to parties and other social gatherings. You have to carefully assess your child and explain to them the reason and need if ever you feel to administer the drug testing. If your timing is off and hurried, it might cause mistrust and discomfort in your child so you have to find the right opening to talk and open the topic. You also have to be patient in order not to strain the parent-child relationship while still being an authoritative parent.

Long-term Welfare of the Child

Every test would need feedback and adjustments according to the results. It seems fairly easy to convey a negative result but you have to do it in a way that you don’t sound relieved because it means you didn’t trust your child in the first place. Make it straightforward and somehow formal and indicate the implications. It gets quite complicated when there is a positive result. It pays to ask your child about the situation and how it happened so you can impose the necessary actions. When it happens, you have to give your child the assurance that you will help them with the situation and that you need to seek professional help.

Administering drug tests at home have its merits and you just have to make your child realize this. It is one way of how you can ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child. These are easy to administer and provide light to an issue that needs to be handled immediately and settled once and for all.

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