How many CBD Gummies should you take each day?

CBD oil has fast become one of the best upcoming products for those that struggle with multiple different ailments. This can be seen as it is purported that CBD oil can assist in decrease anxiety and depression in those who suffer from these mental illnesses. Alongside those who have physical injuries such as arthritis and chronic pain disorder. As such the industry has grown year upon year and is reaching out far and wide to a vast consumer market. As such, those consumers are looking for products that are tailored to their needs whether it be how strong and potent the product is or perhaps the choice in which delivery method is utilized to consume the CBD oil. Therefore, we have seen a wide range of products and consumables being released to the general public in the last couple of years from the original CBD tinctures to goods such as CBD e-liquids. These products have continued to meet the needs of the consumers but a relatively new product has been taking the industry by storm known as CBD oil Gummies. These can come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are usually gummy bears with CBD in them (top ones). But what are CBD Gummies and how do they differ from regular CBD oil products? This post hopes to answer such questions and elaborate on how many on average you need to consume per day to feel the full benefit of CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil and How do they work in CBD Gummies?

CBD oil is a product of an extraction process on the cannabis plant. This extraction process is conducted by pressing and squeezing the leaves to get the CBD oil. This element found in the cannabis plant is a great for those who suffer from a multitude of issues. As found in the human body is cannabinoid receptors. The CBD activates the receptors and in turn, starts the production of increased levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical found in the brain which helps promote feelings of happiness in the user and alongside this relaxation. As such, it is purported to help those that suffer from anxiety as the serotonin increase, decreases levels of stress in the user. Therefore, by consuming several CBD Gummies, the CBD oil travels from the stomach lining to the cannabinoid receptors to activate the process. If you’re a vegan, you should know by now that you have options such as Vegan CBD Gummies where you can still keep your practice while taking CBD products. They will be working with the same effects on your body.

How many CBD Gummies do I need to take each day?

This is a tricky question to answer as it really depends heavily on the consumer. As dosage will depend on the strength of CBD oil that the user needs to feel the effects of the CBD. As such, it is hard to put an accurate number on this. In terms of averages, Healthline state that a ballpark figure should be 40mg to 50mg per day per user. As such if a CBD gummy contains 2mg’s per gummy then this will mean a total of 20 CBD gummies per day. However, we feel this should be up to user and how they are feeling. The user should use an incremental process throughout the day.