How to maintain healthy relationship post marriage?


It is believed that married folks have bad sex. This is just a hoax that isn’t to be believed at all. There are thousands of married couples that are living a happy and fulfilling sex life. There are times when your married life gets monotonous and intimacy drops. This could happen due to various physical or physiological reasons. By working with your partner and communicating freely, you can improve your intimacy. If you feel that things are out of hand, then you can even consult a sex therapist for getting your issues resolved.


Sex is an important part of the relationship. Sex releases a chemical called endorphins in the brain. This chemical is known to lower anxiety, reduce depression, and boost immunity. Moreover, having a healthy sexual life keeps your relationship in balance. Thus, it is advised that you must be intimate with your partner at least 3 to 4 times a week. If you are thinking, ‘how do you improve your sex life?’, then you can follow some simple methods that we have compiled below.

healthy relationship post marriage


Prioritize sex

Current lives have become very busy due to high competition and stress in the professional world. couples sometimes forget to spend time together and prioritize their physical needs. So, you will have to put in the effort to ensure that you are spending quality time with your partner. Block some time for personal time in your busy schedule so that you don’t forget it.

Think about the reasons for your low libido

Your daily life work and stress can impact your bedroom life. If there is some amount of anguish or resentment in yourself due to any reason, your libido can decrease. The negative feelings can impact your desire to get it on. Thus, it is important to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Be candid in your discussions and openly share any concerns that you might have. Try to resolve the issues by communicating. The more you share, the lower your stress levels get.


Consult with a sex therapist

There are certain physical or physiological issues that you won’t be able to solve. Share these issues with your partner and then decide if seeking help from a professional might help. Sex therapists can help you with your journey of sexual development by working on your relationship. You and your partner will also have to put in effort from your end, but at the end of the day, it will all be worth it. Don’t let sex-related issues damage your marriage.

Sexual environment

Learning the way sex works for you and your partner. You or your partner would have some likes or dislikes regarding sex. Talk candidly about this topic with your partner and understand their needs. This will help you in bringing back the intimacy and excitement in your sex life. Pick on the best encounters from the relationship and work to enhance those.

Go on vacation

Vacation sex is considered the best way to reset your sex life. During vacation, you are in an environment where your mind is at peace. Since you are far away from the stress of your professional life, you are more vulnerable and relaxed. This makes intimacy natural and easy. So, pick up a destination that you both would love to travel to. Plan your trip, pack your bags, and rejuvenate your sex life.

Schedule romantic activities

To bring back the spark in your marriage, it is important to spend time together. Take time out of your busy schedule and go on a romantic date with your partner. Share your thoughts and feelings candidly. Try different sexual activities during this time to please each other. This will help you in bringing back passion in your life. Your intimacy level will increase.

Try something new

Without novelty, there can be a loss of interest in sex. Before your sex life gets monotonous, try new experiences and activities together. Try to fulfill each other’s sexual desires if possible. Break the mundane lifestyle and bring in new and exciting experiences to spice up your sex life.


Don’t let the monotony ruin your sexual intimacy. Try the methods that we have compiled in this article to revamp your sex life.

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