Introduction: Olaplex is a celebrity acclaimed hair treatment that has become a hero in the recent hair treatments offered in the best salons and spas worldwide, most famously Bellisimos Hair. This breakthrough technology can repair severely damaged hair. This treatment is ideal for those who regularly dye and bleach their hair.

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Bond Fusion is a treatment that repairs and rebuildsdisulphide bonds which are broken during coloring and forming treatments. It also protects the inner structure of each hair strand. Bond fusion is a well-known and much loved product used by salon professionals to repair and reverse damaged hair.

Body: Bond Fusion can help salon professionals transform any hair into any color; even platinum blonde which requires the hair to be bleached several times, while keeping the hair conditioned and maintaining its strength. In addition to this, Bond Fusion is suited on all hair types, including virgin and chemically treated hair. The Bond Fusion is a 3-part procedure and this treatment is also easy to use. Bond Fusion leaves hair upto twice as strong which ensures less hair loss, compared to hair without bond Fusion. Similarly, Bond Fusion treatment users experience 43% less hair breakage. Bond fusion can be added to any cut or styling service to fight frizz and the 3rd part of the treatment is given to the client to be used at home to keep the hair frizz-free until the next visit. 1st and second part of Bond Fusion together provides more internal protein and smooths the cuticle giving a more beautiful finish. 2nd part of Bond Fusion is the best conditioner for fine hair. Part 2 of Bond Fusion makes hair stronger, leaves hair feeling light, and boosts shine. Usually when gray hair is colored the color either looks too bright or too dark and dull but when Bond Fusion is added to the coloring formula it provides full coverage and makes hair stronger with tons of shine. Heat styling breaks the hydrogen and ionic bonds in the hair and causing serious mechanical damage. Bond Fusion repairs this damage and prevents future damage. Curly hair is sensitive and it gets more temperamental with touching, flat ironing and brushing. When we do these we are actually separating the hydrogen and ionic bonds in the hair from their natural connections. A stand-alone Bond Fusion treatment ensures that the bonds re-track to their natural connections.

Olaplex is a 3-step procedure that includes a patent active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seal broken bonds caused by chemical, mechanical and thermal damage. Olaplex is the ultimate hair breakage insurance. Olaplex is formulated to protect hair from chemical damage caused by coloring, bleaching and straightening and more. It protects the hair from damage during the treatment, after the treatment and also repair some of the previous damage. Olaplex is designed to directly limit hair loss, it repairs damage and makes hair stronger and in that way it can prevents hair loss. Due to regular bleaching coloring our hair strands are damaged, weakened and cause breakage. Using this product adds some strength. It also works on thinning hair as well as hair that’s been weakened by certain hairstyle such as flat ironing, curling etc. Olaplex formula has all natural ingredients; all of which are FDA approved. Olaplex is entirely safe for most people, except those who are allergic to the ingredients used in Olaplex. Olaplex is usually added to the bleaching or coloring formula to prevent the damage caused to the hair especially the breaking of the hydrogen-sulphur bond that gives hair its texture. It is a 3-part process; two in-salon service and one at home-treatment. Styling products and tools like blowout, chemicals straighteners, curling irons and dye breaks disulphide bonds causing frizz and split ends. There are a lot of other treatments that add protein back into the hair, which can be effective. But Olaplex works by repairing the broken disulphide bonds and prevent future damage and strengthens hair. It heals damage that we already have and leads to healthier locks.

Conclusion: Who doesn’t want stronger, more conditioned hair with gorgeous texture and shine? If that is what you’re looking for, then using either Olaplex or Bond Fusion treatment can be the one stop solution to repair and reverse damaged hair.