Hair Loss: Busting the myths


Hair loss in men is a common occurrence and where some people embrace it, it can have a negative impact on others and damage self-confidence. Most people believe that hair loss only occurs in later life but in fact, it can happen at any age and it isn’t something to be worried about. There are many myths surrounding hair loss and ways it can be cured, but they’re myths for a reason. If hair loss is something you’re experiencing or worrying about in the future, we’ve teamed up with LloydsPharmacy to explore some of the most common misconceptions around the condition and some of the treatments available to purchase.


Is stress to blame?

People often associate hair loss with stress, but this isn’t necessarily the case. When we think of hair loss we immediately think of the condition as a whole, but in fact, there are many different types of hair loss and it’s worth knowing what they’re linked too. Affecting around 6.5 million men in the UK, male-pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss and although it’s more common to affect men in their 60’s, it can strike some men as early as their 20’s. If you suffer from this type of hair loss then don’t worry, stress isn’t to blame, it’s actually genetic.

The common myths…

There are many myths associated with hair loss and for some people, they are taken more seriously than what they should be. Below are some of the examples, but don’t worry; they aren’t going to affect your locks.


Will I lose my hair if I wear a hat?

The answer is in fact, no. Many people stay clear of wearing a hat because they believe it can be a cause of hair loss, but it’s simply a myth. If this has been a worry of yours then it’s time to end your hat free spell, as it won’t make you lose your hair.

Do I need to stop using products in my hair?

Whether it’s hairspray or gel, many men and women use products in their hair but others avoid it, due to believing certain products can cause baldness. Linking products to hair loss has not been proven so there’s no need to worry about styling your hair.

If I cut my hair will it grow back thicker?


Although this is believed by many, cutting your hair will not make it grow back thicker and minimize the chances of your losing your hair. However many times you cut your hair, it grows at around half an inch per month, meaning you can’t slow down or quicken the time it takes to grow.

Hair loss affects a large portion of the UK population and isn’t something to be concerned about. If you’re experiencing some of the symptoms then you can speak to a variety of health professionals who can advise you on the treatments available and any other concerns you may have.