Hacks for Faster Recovery After Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is intensive produce for body contouring. You can create a toned and tight look in the midsection. Several women, after multiple pregnancies, get a tummy tuck to restore their beautiful figure. Nowadays, a tummy tuck is famous among weight loss patients who want to remove extra skin around their midsection. Keep it in mind that this procedure needs time and money, so you must choose someone reliable Tummy Tuck Mississauga for this procedure. Recovery after tummy tuck can be a real challenge. You have to follow special precautions to speed up the recovery procedure. Here are some hacks for faster recovery after your tummy tuck.

Cane or Walker

After a tummy tuck, you will feel tension on your horizontal closure. Tightening of your abdominal muscles also makes you uncomfortable in an upright position. For this reason, you have to walk in a slight bending position at the waist during your first week after a tummy tuck. This posture can cause a temporary back strain. You can use a cane or walker for your assistance.

Spanks and Maxi Pads

After a tummy tuck, you have to wear squeem or spank (compression shorts). Shorts must have a passage hole for drainpipes. A curvy woman can use abdominal binders. You will need a maxi pad or 4×4 gauze after surgery. Gauze squares can help you to pad around your drains and pad between the hip (pelvic) bones and the binder.

Abdominal binders are necessary to speed up a recovery procedure after a tummy tuck. Proper management and placement of abdominal binder may be a challenge for low incisions of a tummy tuck. In this situation, the binder may sit partly lies on your thighs. Consult your doctor to buy binders and adjust them on your midsection.

Manage Nausea

Every patient of a tummy tuck may handle anesthesia and surgery differently. Some patients don’t experience nausea after surgery. The combination of excellent surgical techniques and good anesthesia decrease narcotic use. If you are experiencing nausea, ask your doctor to recommend anti-nausea medicines. You can curb nausea by taking crackers and a few sips of water in the initial few hours. If you want to stay healthy, eat a balanced diet and start walking as per the advice of your surgeon.

Compression Stockings

Some surgeons recommend their patients to wear special compression stockings (thigh high) during their tummy tuck. Decreasing the probability of blood clots is necessary. You may not feel comfortable in compression stockings after surgery, but these things can reduce your swellings of legs.

Shower after a Tummy Tuck

Your shower after a tummy tuck depends on the recommendations of a surgeon. Typically, surgeons recommend their patients to hold off for some days after their tummy cup. Shower with drain tubes and replacing your binder after a shower can be burdensome. Make sure to consult your surgeon to take a shower after your surgery.

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Moreover, you will need a recliner to sleep after tummy tuck procedure. A recliner can help you to lie in a comfortable position. Arrange a seat booster for your toilet. Low toilets can increase strain on your pelvis and legs. After your tummy tuck, you can’t squat low on a toilet of low height.