Fordyce Spots Skin Problem Symptoms and Treatment Methods

Fordyce spots have whitish-yellow bumps and it probably happens on the edge of your lips or inside the cheeks. It can also appear at the private places such as on your penis or scrotum whether you are male or labia if you are a female. Such sort of spots is known as Fordyce granules or Fordyce or Fordyce glands.

Well, they are completely normal, painless and harmless but they are visible. There is a report which had been released in the year 2015 and accruing to that report. Clinical case reports and reviews of journal declare that it happens to most of 70-80% of adults.

Well, oil glands which are also known as sebaceous glands which are connected with hair follicles. Fordyce spots are very easy to catch on those mentioned parts where no hair will be present. The true nature of Fordyce spots is to develop in the way of isolated or scattered bumps but there is another nature too. They even break off simultaneously.

Fordyce spots

Ways to find out Fordyce spots

Fordyce spots are about 1 to 3 millimetres (0.42 to .12 inches) in the diameters but as by observing the nature of it. It can be even larger. And they are always in yellow or flesh- coloured. Once it embarks on developing to your genital areas, they can be in reddish colour. If it does not get time cured in the time then it will get visible more strongly. They tend to have this nature of becoming more visible to the areas like lips or the inside of your lips and cheeks or other parts are of course the genital parts and they are hardly noticeable. Sometimes it even goes unnoticed and that is where it grows each time you do not get know it happened to you. There are various dermatological scenario seems similar to the Fordyce spots, which includes

  • Epidermoid cysts, they are tiny, have hard lumps and it has nature of forming under.
  • Then there is this milium cyst and they are hard, white, round bumps that can even from to form on your face.
  • The sebaceous hyperplasia is a scenario which causes tiny, soft bumps and forms very easily.
  • Last of type is basal cell carcinoma and it is considered as skin cancer which would seem more like a bump, red patch or other growth.
  • All need to have been careful because of this Fordyce spots for genital warts or some other sexually transmitted disease.

Well, at first let’s understand the nature of it and how does it play any role in our body. It is already part of our anatomy and since our birth. But they are not an easy noticeable until puberty, biological until biological changes take place to the body.

The deep studies have been done on it and it is said that the clinical case reports and reviews journals and both men and women have this. The report says that individuals who have this oily skin have more in ratio to increase these Fordyce spots. And some even reveals about it that Fordyce spots have a more serious disease.

Then according to the reports of 2014, it is said that this disease also involves family members and they could inherit such things from who might have inherited form of colorectal cancer and who also had spots in their mouths. The presence of its spots is help when it is invisible and only then doctors too can cure it. It might have even chance of developing it even more.

When this occurs especially when it is visible people ignore it for a long time but whether a small or big disease is to be concerned with doctors. But if you notice it on any area of your body part you must be careful that you must concern to a doctor. They will have a symptom of an STD rather than Fordyce spots. But going to doctor this will not cause you big troubles and they would diagnose it or treat. You can directly and frankly talk to your doctor and tell him about it and they will help with the medications. It can be diagnosed only by their appearance only. And some cases have also found which even causes biopsy. In this process, doctors remove the tissues from those affected areas. They go through an examination process via a microscope. From there they decided about the Fordyce spots and what treatment it would need.

Although many say it does not need any treatment. But it must be removed and that is a serious suggestion because it has the nature of developing some serious consequences. You can go to treatments like

Laser treatments

Well, laser treatment is popular in the 21st century for almost everything. And doctors use carbon dioxide for doing laser treatment successful. Although, such laser treatment leaves scars in most of the case plus they are even more expensive than other ones.

Micro-punch surgery

Well, this is also a type of treatment which doctors have used it for long and still feel comfortable with it. They do not exclude this technique from their list. This is used for removing from your genital areas and various spots at one time. For doing this they use a tiny pen-like device for punching skin and removing from there the tissues. But before the process takes place they give aesthetic to reduce the chances of pain.

Winding up

Well, sometimes what we do worse to us is ignoring these little things. And then we let it more badly each day. Well, to remove and get rid out of it, you have so many options to go with. It is just a number of choices which one you feel comfortable with. Although, these operations and surgeries are very smooth and they do not give you pain. When Fordyce spots happen they are painless that is also one of reason, it does not cost you anything but the heavy consequences which it can leave for you is scars.