Five Benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a coaching and personal development model developed in the early 1970’s at the University of California Santa Cruz. Although NLP has demonstrated staying power and influenced many fields, it has yet to enter mainstream thinking. This post will show you five benefits of using NLP, particularly in coaching.

  1. Finally End Harmful Habits

Ending a habit can easily become one of the most difficult things a person has to do. Whether it be an addiction, harmful eating habits, or excessive shopping, ending a habit requires command of your mind and actions, which is most successfully achieved through NLP. In fact, the use of NLP in someone’s life can bode particularly well for those who want to lose weight; By managing all of the habits that contribute to weight-gain through NLP, studies have shown that weight loss can be accelerated when compared to other methods. This happens because NLP allows someone to replace nagging thoughts and urges with healthy ones, resulting in personal improvement as well as tackling habits. Of course, this tool is helpful for those who want to end a habit, but it can also be used by Coaches who are helping others end their harmful habits. Through effective communication and the transfer of NLP practices, dangerous habits can be overcome.


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  1. Propel Your Career

NLP training focuses on effective communication, goal setting, management training, and personal transformation. This training would be beneficial for every walk of life but would be particularly beneficial for Coaches, who are forced to be self-accountable. In fact, the independence associated with NLP Coaching often requires the use of NLP tools to succeed, like overcoming mental barriers the prohibit success, and influencing others. Moreover, NLP can improve your confidence, enhance your personal relationships, and manage your emotions, which can all work to stop the subconscious barriers that may be present to stunt your professional growth. Through the use of NLP, you can drive your career forward.

  1. Get a Grasp on Your Own Personal Wellness

Every person stands to benefit from NLP in this way- there’s no limit to how functional and balanced a person’s life can be, especially when they have to be a model of mental health as a Coach. Being such a ubiquitous problem, finding solutions to our mental roadblocks should be a priority for everyone. Through NLP, you can create your own locus of control, and become aware of the internal mechanisms that hold you back. In fact, studies have shown that NLP can be used to create a sense of internal control that reduces anxiety. Moreover, NLP can be used anywhere and everywhere: in every interaction, every internal conversation, and every thought can be used to reduce anxiety and improve personal wellness. The possibilities for self-improvement become endless when the treatment is done independently. In this way, NLP can be particularly beneficial for Coaches who have to find their own personal wellness before they can help others.

  1. Create Healthier Relationships

NLP Coaches experience the same emotional hardships as everyone, but they also have NLP tools in their pocket to guide them. Emotional control, confidence, flexibility, and effective communication are all vital to creating healthy relationships, and can all be used by Coaches to help others with NLP. Once you have healthy relationships in your life, you can help people with their relationships.

  1. Get What You Want

Charisma, flexibility, and confidence. These are all qualities that can be used to your advantage in all situations, and these are all traits that can be gained through NLP. By identifying your limitations, breaking through these, and working to end the negative habits that formed those limitations, you can finally achieve your goals and get what you want in business and life. Whether it be in your interactions with clients, in your relationships, or in how you view yourself, you can finally get what you want through NLP, and you can help people while you’re at it.

The inherent independence in the use of NLP gives it so many of its great qualities. Once it is learned, it can be used in any setting, meaning your journey to self-improvement doesn’t have to take breaks. Being such a versatile tool, NLP can improve every facet of life, from relationships to your career, to your personal wellness.