Find 5 Major Causes of HIV/AIDS- Preview


HIV and AIDS are dramatically connected to form terrific threat to make people extremely worried. The originality of HIV is certainly derived from Africa. Simian Immunodeficiency Virus or SIV virus is found in chimps. The transmission of modified HIV to human society in 1920 indicates the arrival of AIDS to invade man. The chance of survival with longer life expectancy is reduced if patients are untreated. There is no cure to help AIDS infected people to live happily. Before treatment, know about five different causes of HIV/AIDS. The AIDS management society in America has tailored awesome preventive care program to assist people to avoid AIDS following special guidelines.


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HIV Deactivates Immune System

HIV is a lethal virus which immobilizes the physical self-defense system. It makes a young patient infirm and incompetent to fight with germs. Scientists confirm the severity of AIDS in its acute stage to destruct humans faster.  HIV germ attacks CD4 cells which are replicas of T cells to weaken the capability of humans to overpower diseases.


Major Causes of HIV/AIDS

    • Through blood transmission
    • Breast milk feeding
    • Usage of unsterilized needles
    • Unprotected erotic relationship
    • Oral sex/rectal fluid exchange
  • Blood Transmission Causes HIV/AIDS

If the donor of blood is found being infected with HIV virus, the recipient is endangered because of blood transmission. HIV germs will enter into the blood of the recipient and try to kill T-cells slowly. The infected person seems to experience a number of unusual symptoms. If the count of T-cells is below200 in comparison to normal cell count 500-1500 per cubic millimeter, obviously it is the indicator of AIDS/HIV. Antigen test checks blood of the HIV patient to determine the presence of HIV virus. This medical test is necessary for diagnos is of AIDS in the blood of the patient.

  • Breast Feeding –Another Cause of HIV/AIDS

Pregnant mother gives her breast to newborn baby to suck natural milk for body nourishment. It is food of the baby to get nutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals. If mother has pre-existing AIDS or HIV, baby will fall victim to the incurable disease. Therefore, babies are not allowed to have breast milk from mother if she has the HIV positive virus.

  • Through Unsterilized Needles

Don’t use unsterilized needles for having shots Sharp needles which are not cleaned and sterilized in chemical solutions and medications bear HIV . It is the good carrier of HIV to damage immune of the patient. Blood is contacted via needles which have invisible HIV germs. It will spread faster in the blood stream. So, doctors need to rinse the needles in boiled water and medications for disinfection. Besides, medical experts believe that tattoo needles and accessories are also powerful vehicles to deploy AIDS from one to other person. Safeguards include the proper needle sterilization and care prevents the attack of AIDS.

  • Physical Contact –Anal Sex /Semen Exchange/ RectalFluid Transmission

Tension looms large among sweethearts who are hot, maverick and wild to enjoy erotic bliss as much as they are able to have. God has made them for adventure and romantic exploration. Alas! AIDS seems to sound horrendous to New Millennials who have no solution to escape from HIV/AIDS. Sex is the way of earthly happiness and wellness. However, sexual intercourse with multiple partners without condoms must be the prominent reason of onset of HIV to wipe out physical existence of man. Group sex, sodomy, and unsafe sexual intimacy are detrimental to people. If one of the partners has the HIV, it is possible for other one to have direct contact with AIDS through semen. Vaginal and rectal fluid is transferred to the blood through physical attachment. Improper sexual affair increases the risk of occurrence of AIDS/HIV.

  • Oral Sex

Though science doesn’t support myth, the probability of having HIV through oral sex is not denied completely.A patient who has AIDS is also seen fighting with soars and blisters in the mouth. Scathing pain and gum bleeding are uncontrollable. In few cases, it is proved that an oral encounter with AIDS partner snowballs into chronic AIDS. That’s why steer clear of deep kissing and licking if your sweetheart with HIV virus has the bleeding gum and sores.


Antiretroviral treatment is now preferred to slow down the expansion of HIV in its benign stage. AIDS is not curable. However, the immune system of the patient should be made stronger by administering few boosters to reinforce the self-defense system.

Find HIV life insurance plan online to have bundles of medical benefits and financial mileage. A cost effective insurance package for AIDSpatientis urgent for him to have cost efficient outpatient care, pre and post hospitalization care, and free medical tests for children who are not matured. People have to be properly guided and trained how to lead their lives decently. Sex is not taboo but you must be fair with protection to protect the life you possess. AIDS must not be indulged due to careless lifestyle.