Top 10 Unknown Facts about Bananas

Banana is a very popular and healthy fruit. But unfortunately, we have very less information about this well-liked fruit. In facts, there is plenty of appealing information about this fruit, since it was first full-grown. We can say that still there are a lot of unknown facts about banana which we fail to notice.

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This yummy delicious fruit appears in lots of variety and in different colors; it also uses for as a spiritual sign and helps to clean your water.


These are the top 10 unknown facts about bananas which absolutely surprise you.

  1. 10. They are important to Hindus:

Well, there is also one negative fact about Banana Trees. As per Malay mythology, a ‘Churel’ woman popularly known as ‘Pontianak’ are said to be living in Banana Trees. Women who had an unfortunate death during pregnancy become these female ghosts who cause severe problems for other pregnant women & are feared to come & rip the unborn baby out of women’s womb.

Banana plays a very important and positive role in Hindu belief. In the worship of Hindu goddesses Laxmi and Parvati the banana tree or kadali seen as an important religious aspect. They believe this tree shows perpetual knowledge which also known as Tattva Jnana.

  1. They aren’t always yellow:

You don’t believe this but there are roughly 1000 of different varieties of banana in this world and all are the same in shape but different in colors.  They approximately split into 50 different groups. The yellow one which is most lovable and famous is Cavendish type but there are lots of other types and colors which are unknown to shopkeepers in the US.

For example, the red banana which grows in Ecuador and Colombia. Another unusual color is Blue Java which is from Hawaii. This banana is also known as “ice cream banana” because of its extreme tolerance to cold weather property and it tastes just like a vanilla ice cream.

  1. The Five –Hearted Banana plants:

Banana plant stops producing leaves during the maturation phase and begins with a forming of inflorescence which is one kind of cluster of flower on a single branch. By botanical terms, it’s known as thyrse. Generally, this inflorescence is known as ‘Heart’ of banana. And the stem grows inside it until this heart gets matured and rupture from the top.

Thus this is the process of banana rupturing and most of the banana plants has only one heart but there was found an exceptional case in the Philippines in 2008 where a plant produces five hearts and that too a male plant. Such a rare incidence viewed by local people and they believe it is good luck for them and the plant become famous among the tourist.

  1. Lack of sex is killing them:

The majority of banana that we can buy and use to eat is from the Cavendish group. They blessed with absolutely phallic shapes but it’s not mean that it has a healthy sex life because this entire banana is sterile. Actually, the wild banana is the huge herb generally found in the jungle in which very hard seeds are present which impossible to eat so this transformation of banana has happened which is not fully developing but it is ideal to eat. But the problem is they can’t reproduce.

In the past farmer try to make a clone of this plant but their incapability to reproduction has left them with helpless diseases. And due to these lots of varieties of banana gets the finish. Now a day most of the Cavendish group banana available in our shops but they are also endangered by the Black Sigatoka fungal diseases.

  1. They are Radioactive:

The infertility thing wasn’t enough for the banana to have to manage with, they are also radioactive. But don’t be panic because lots of things around us should be noted as radioactive. All the food which we ate generally has potassium in it which is important for survival, and every 8850 potassium atom is radioactive potassium 40isotope. This means everything we eat is containing some degree of radioactivity, but banana contains a high amount of potassium than most other food so it is more radioactive.  But still, it not that much which cause life-threatening radiation poisoning.

  1. They go a long way back:

The cultivation of banana happens since a very long way back indeed. Because we found evidence of cultivation of banana from the time when 5000bc to 8000bc. And this would signify earliest banana cultivation in the world. After researching they found lots of points like postholes, Stakeholes, and many other features which help for better cultivation and harvesting. They concluded from this research and found different varieties of plant. One of them is the Musa Banana Plant which is one of the largest (59ft) banana plants.

  1. Jules Verne played a key role in popularizing them:

Jules Verne, author of classic adventure stories, he wrote a novel ‘Around the world in eighty-day’ where he includes a pleasant description about banana which helps to build interest about this delicious fruit along with European and American for the first time. This novel was a big famous and has been awarded for capturing the attention of US readers towards this fruit.

  1. They don’t have as much potassium in them as everybody thinks:

 Most of the people believe that banana contains more potassium than any other food items. But one banana gives just 442 milligrams of potassium. This is pretty high than any other potassium-rich fruits and vegetables like spinach, apricots and many more. We need 4700 milligrams intake of potassium and banana gives 9% of them. Means for another 91% we need to build our test for other potassium-rich food. Because enough quantity of potassium gives us lots of health benefits.

  1. They can be used for other than just food:

It does not use just as a food but its leaves, stem and all other parts also use for different purpose. Like in Latin America banana leaves used as a coat or umbrella. In the Philippines, they use banana trees fiber to make fabric for multi-use. Banana barks and stems use for making banana paper, they generally use for art purpose. Finally, the best use of banana peel is a water purifier because it has the capacity to remove metal contamination.

  1. Avoid them if you are allergic to latex:

It’s Advise to those people who have an allergy to latex so as to need to stay away from the banana. As they experience a shocking reaction to them. This happens for the reason that banana contains the same number of proteins that latex contains so it triggers and allergies turn out.