Facial Plastic Surgery: Types and Costs


Beauty will always be paramount, and you are definitely among those who want to highlight theirs. In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of people taking up facial plastic surgery. We could attribute this to the merits that they come with.


Usually, many things go into the success of this procedure. Besides, the procedure handles different parts of the face too. If you are looking for a San Francisco facial plastic surgeon, you will need to read this first.

What facial plastic surgery entails

Facial plastic surgery is a procedure that aims at enhancing the visual appearance of your facial features and structures. You will rely on it to reshape your head and neck, which includes the neckline, cheekbones, nose, ears, and chin. In this regard, you will be sure of procedures such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, cheek and chin implants, liposuction, and eye lifts.

People usually consider this reconstruction for various reasons, including injuries, congenital disabilities, and the desire to look more appealing. Regardless of the reason, the procedures are similar and worth your money. Remember, only certified and qualified cosmetic and corrective surgeons will carry out this procedure.


Types of facial plastic surgery

Typically, people will want to consider non-surgical treatments before trying these procedures. While they will help in addressing various issues, you will find them less effective for some problems. It is at this point that plastic surgery comes in, and beneficially so. As mentioned earlier, we have different procedures that you can consider during this time. They include the following.

·         Rhinoplasty

Usually, a rhinoplasty will come in handy in reshaping or rebuilding the cartilage of your nose. It aims at enhancing the appearance as well as the function of the nose. The surgery could take place inside or outside the nose. 

·         Rhytidectomy


This surgery is essential in tightening the skin on your face. It is through this that you will be sure of no more wrinkles on it.

·         Facial reconstruction

This procedure is usually corrective, and it seeks to reconstruct any facial deformity that you have. This defect could be resulting from prior surgery, an accident, or a disease. You could also rely on it to remove any unwanted birthmarks as well as address congenital abnormalities.

·         Liposuction

Usually, this would be your go-to procedure if you are looking forward to removing excess fat on your face or neck. It will ensure that your head looks leaner and more appealing.


·         Facial implants

this surgery will often play a vital role in enhancing the prominence of your cheeks as well as chin. It will also make sure that they appear well-defined.

As mentioned, there are many facial plastic surgeries that you could consider. Besides the popular ones mentioned above, you could consider otoplasty, skin surface procedures, browlifts, and eye lifts.

What is the cost of facial plastic surgery

Usually, the cost of this procedure will depend on which part you want reconstructed or enhanced. However, the average cost is between $7500 and $12000.


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