Are Essential Oil Diffusers Worth it?


These days more and more people are using oil diffusers to improve the environment in their homes and offices but there are still so many of us who are unversed on their purpose or unconvinced of their benefits. Diffusers release a fine mist of essential oils into the air in your home so that all the benefits of the oils are absorbed into your body through breathing. Proponents of essential oil diffusers swear by the benefits they provide, but what makes them better than using aroma lamps or candles? In this article we look to answer the question, are essential oil diffusers worth it?


Essential Oil Diffusers


1.  Diffusers Purify the Air

The first benefit of essential oil diffusers is that they purify the air, killing bacteria and eliminating the spores which are released by the mold. This is very important as bacteria and mold can cause all sorts of health problems. There are many different oils that have different purification properties. Recent studies have shown that lavender, eucalyptus, and lemongrass have the most potent antibacterial effects and that the most effective way to release them into the air is through an essential oil diffuser. Many essential oil brands these days are producing oils specifically designed to kill germs and these can only be spread using a diffuser.

2.   Diffusers Make the Room Smell Nice

Our emotions and mood can be greatly affected by scent and essential oil diffusers are the most effective way to spread nice scents throughout a room and to eliminate unpleasant odors. Our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain that stores memories and so by diffusing the right oils we can create a warm, nostalgic atmosphere that takes us away to a happy time. Essential oil diffusers incorporate an ultrasonic device which vaporizes the oil enabling it to spread the oil through a room in a very fine mist. Out of all the many benefits of diffusers, it is this unique vaporizing function that is the most significant. The microparticles that are produced through this process quickly spread through the room and it takes only a couple of minutes for the whole space to be filled with a wonderful aroma. Diffusers enable you to mix different oils together to make new aroma profiles to suit your nose and lift your mood.

3.  Diffusers Reduce Dust

Essential oil diffusers are also very effective at reducing dust particles in the air. Dust particles are positively charged ions that can build up in the air and reduce its quality. Essential oil diffusers release negative ions that attach to the positive dust particles. This renders them neutral and together they fall to the ground to be swept up which results in higher quality air. Air after a big storm, as well as air near the ocean and in the mountains, naturally has a greater number of negative ions and this is why the air in those places is always so much nicer to breathe. Negative ions also provide numerous health benefits such as increasing blood flow to the brain and promoting the release of serotonin.


4.  Diffusers Humidify the Air

Another great function of oil diffusers like what Devon Wick offers  is that by atomizing the water and the oil and releasing the vapor, the air is significantly humidified. Dry air can cause all kinds of horrible negative effects from dry skin and minor eye irritation to more serious problems like respiratory tract issues and an increased risk of asthma attacks and breathing issues. Oil diffusers are capable of doubling the level of humidity in a room within minutes, creating a far healthier, more breathable environment.

5.  Diffusers Maintain the Quality of the Oils

The final benefit of an essential oil diffuser is that unlike candles or aroma lamps, diffusers are able to spread the oils without heating them by using their ultrasonic technology. This enables diffusers to spray the oils into the air as cold water vapor. Heating oils not only uses more oil but it also diminishes their properties and therapeutic effects.  Essential oil diffusers maintain these qualities during the vaporization process and release them into the air for your benefit. Not only this, but the scent of vapor produced by a diffuser will be far richer than that produced by a candle or aroma lamp.

Essential oils have many health benefits and it is so important to maximize their potential. By making the use of an essential oil diffuser you will optimize the health benefits that the oils provide as well as purifying the air in your room and creating a more pleasant environment. Diffusers make a great addition to any home or workplace and can transform your physical and emotional well-being.

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