Epilepsy and Seizure Treatments


Specialists in medication management in Marlboro Township treat patients at the Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures. The medications offered at the clinic alleviate symptoms and keep diseases such as seizures under control. The medical practitioners at the center provide the right dosage for their patients and ensure that their treatments have the least side effects. Neurologist Amor Mehta and advance nurse practitioner Heather Black are the service providers at the center.


About services

Dr. Mehta ensures patients are aware of their conditions. The service providers at the center incorporate the use of advanced medical technology into their treatment procedures. In addition to epilepsy and seizures, patients receive comprehensive care for traumatic brain injuries, headaches, concussions, vertigo, and memory loss. Patients can also receive a consultation and compassionate healthcare services.

What is medication management?

Medication management is appointments with the doctor scheduled to check on the effectiveness of the drugs and evaluate the overall health of the patient. Patients with neurological conditions need to take potent medications for a long time hence requiring medication management. Your provider at the Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures provides this service.


Why is medication management important?

Neurological conditions treatments require many medications, for instance, there are at least 50 different medications for seizure disorders. Various drugs work differently on different patients. Some patients may require a low dosage, while others require a high dosage. In some instances, the doctor needs to perform trial and error procedures to determine the right drug for his patient, necessitating medication management.

What to expect during medication management appointments

During your appointments, providers talk to you about the medication, whether it is helping and if you’ve experienced any side effects. Based on your results, the providers at the center may run diagnostic tests and recommend a new medication or change in your dosage.

Your provider may also ask you to bring in all of your medications, even those prescribed by other physicians, as well as herbal supplements you may take. The practitioners use these medications to check if the patient is at risk of using certain types of medicines based on your previous record.


The providers at the center insist on patients talking about any problems they are experiencing, such as financial issues, making it hard to buy your medications, difficulties in remembering to take medication or any other concerns. The providers at the center help you find solutions to these problems to enhance your health and general well-being.

Blogs and patient resources

┬áThe providers provide education on some of their procedures through the various blog posts on their site. Blogs such as’ Is it dizziness or vertigo and living with epilepsy’ are some of the articles you can find on the blog. The facility also provides online patient forms for its patients.

How to contact the center

A patient can reach the center by contacting the providers through phone or schedule for an online appointment. Conveniently, you can pay a visit to the facility’s locality in Marlboro Township. Note that the center is open from Monday to Friday, starting from 7 am- 7 pm. If you have any concerns, comments, or queries about the services at the center, you can send a message to the providers through their website.


Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures understand the impacts conditions like epilepsy and seizure can have on a patient. The treatment procedures at the center provide treatment for even complicated neurological disorders. The service providers are highly trained and incorporate the use of advanced medical technology to offer up-to-standard treatments to their patients.