5 Effective Tips To Supercharge Fantasy in Your Relationship


There may be instances wherein you lack the passion and urge for sex and several factors may contribute to this. Perhaps what you need is to supercharge your sex life. You may probably have a certain fantasy that you want to explore in bed with your spouse or partner. Thus, here are some effective tips on how you can use what you fantasize about to enhance your sex life.


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Explore your fantasies

Perhaps you can start by talking to your partner about your deepest and hidden desires when it comes to matters under the covers. Make a list of your sexual fantasies and plan on how you will be able to act it out. This is the perfect time for you and your partner to get as creative as you can.


Come up with a dialogue

While it may come as awkward the first time you act on it with your partner, a different language or dialogue can cause both of you to be aroused more. When it is time to hit the sheets, you can start dirty talking to each other to create sexual tension. You can even practice the dialogue you have in mind beforehand to be able to act is out accurately at the right time, eliminating the feeling of awkwardness, and rather encouraging arousal.

Play sexy games

Another way to supercharge your sex life with fantasy is by playing sexy games. For women, you can wear a costume, which your partner fantasizes about, and prepare the setting of the certain fantasy you are acting out. For men, to boost your confidence in your performance, you can use male extra enhancement pills which can help you get lasting erections. It can also help you get the stamina you need to stay up and active all night, playing a sexy game you and your partner designed.

Break the rules


In acting out your sexual fantasies, break down your barriers and know that there are really no rules. This is because you can consider fantasy as a mental snapshot that you can think of anytime and anywhere, using it as a trigger to increase your passion and intensity in bed when it is time. Thus, you don’t really have to be bounded by rules on where and when you can start fantasizing. You may only be bound by when you should act it out.

Enhance your senses

You can supercharge your sex life with fantasy by being in touch with your senses. Focus on the sound, taste, sight, touch, or scent while you are acting out your sexual desires with your partner and you will surely be satisfied with your lovemaking act.

Sex life is vital for couples because of this form a unique bond between them. However, there may be instances wherein your sex life may already be bland and this can be attributed to several factors. It is in these instances wherein you need to take the necessary measure to supercharge your sex life and one noteworthy way to do so is by leveraging on your fantasies.