Useful Tips To Dress Up Smartly With Fluctuating Weight Issues!


It is rare to find a woman whose weight doesn’t change at all. Whether it is due to changes in lifestyle or the natural course of getting older or maybe because of pregnancy or there may be any other reason, gaining and losing weight is every woman’s major concern. While women try to embrace the changes in a healthy way and realize that it is totally okay to put on and lose weight frequently in every phase of life. Weight fluctuation in woman’s life troubles only in dressing.


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Weight fluctuation can drastically affect any woman’s life and this is why most of them fear of putting on weight or vice-a-versa. If you are among those women who fear of weight fluctuation and always wish to dress up nicely for every occasion or event. The blog post is here to help you out in choosing clothes and dressing up nicely.

You need to look for clothes that will make you slimmer and hide excess bulge from your body. You can go for online shopping to buy trendy clothes suitable according to your body structure and to make your shoppi9ng easy and affordable, it is important to sign up to a reliable fashion store like Marks & Spencer. The portal is known for providing an exclusive array of trendiest clothing staples to you at reasonable rates and to avail the best discount on every purchase on this site you are required to use Marks & Spencer discount code.

But, before buying an outfit for yourself, I have summoned a few points below that you must be considering while purchasing fashion staples for yourself during the weight gaining and losing phase of your life. Scroll down to know more-


1 # Wear Shape Wear!

Although most women do not prefer to wear shape wear, it can be like a saviour for women who face frequent weight gain and loss. Shape wear can greatly flatten your bulgy stomach and it is an ultimate go-to option to choose to get a well-toned shape. Shape wears are soft and tight fitting yet comfortable enough to be worn for long hours. Shape wear will help you in completing your wish of wearing body-hugging outfits. Available in different variants such as corsets, bodysuits, control briefs, waist clinchers, etc., you must purchase them according to your body shape and dress you’ll be wearing.

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2 # Never Choose Short Shirts And Tops!

While buying an outfit for your fluctuating weight body, make sure you choose top-wear that are considerably long enough to easily flow on your bulgy belly. Never go for short shirts or tops as they might highlight fat or bulge on your body. If you prefer wearing shirts, then always make sure not to tuck in the shirts as they might draw attention to your belly bulge. Try buying waist-length shirts or tops that can flow on your tummy elegantly without highlighting your tummy bulge.

3 # Layer It Up Wisely!

Layering is a great technique to hide away excess fat of your body easily. It is a great way to shift focus from your bulgy belling to another direction. A Combination of a tank top with a plaid skirt looks great on taller women with the excess bulge, while a mix of pencil pants with a crisp shirt and a shrug or blazers over it, makes short women look slimmer and taller both at the same time. You can even go for knee-length summer dress layered with a stylish cape for special occasions like movie date, shopping, brunch etc. Hence, Layering is undoubtedly the best solution for women facing weight fluctuation.

4 # Body Posture Matters!

Most of the women don’t pay much attention to their body posture and this ignorance often lead to bad body posture. Bad body posture is also the reason why you tend to put on and lose weight frequently. So, to stay in perfect shape, you need to concentrate on the right body posture. Note that, a slouchy posture might worsen the situation.


So, this is it with some useful tips for women to dress smartly during weight gaining and losing phase of their life. Besides choosing proper fashion staples, you must also ensure to buy appropriate lingerie according to your body shape and to buy the best quality lingerie at discounted rates, you must avail Seafolly discount code.