Why You Shouldn’t Wash and Reuse Disposable Air Filter


If there is one thing that most people are worried about, in one way or the other, it has got to be money. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, finances are always concerning, especially considering how poorly the economy seems to be doing. This is why a lot of people are trying to invest what money they have, and more importantly, save up and reduce costs whenever possible. Tightening the belt isn’t anybody’s favorite activity, but unfortunately, it is a must if you want to be financially secured to an extent in the future. Still, there are some things that you cannot save money with, like air filters.


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It is a very bad idea to wash and reuse disposable air filters. Here’s why.

Mold and pest problems

We use air filters for a lot of reasons, and growing mold definitely isn’t one of them. A disposable air filter simply wasn’t designed to be reused, and doing so can cause all sorts of problems for you. It wasn’t made to be washed with water, so its systems cannot get rid of the moisture if you do wash it. Now, take a guess what retained moisture invites? Yes, exactly, mold. With time, this trapped water becomes breeding ground for mold and other pests that are attracted to the humidity. Leaving this air filter for long after washing and reusing it will cause all sorts of problems as mold will only grow over time and it might infest the rest of your house, not just your HVAC systems.


It won’t work properly

It is called a disposable air filter for a reason –– it needs to be disposed of after a certain time. When you wash and reuse the device, you will easily jeopardize its integrity and in turn its efficiency; it simply won’t be working as efficiently as it should. Air filters are responsible for improving the air quality we breathe every day. There are tons of pollutants in the air, from smoke and dust to chemicals around us in the products we use in our daily lives. This is why it is important that your device remains in an excellent operational capacity at all times. This will never be the case with a washed and reused disposable air filter. It will not be able to purify the air from dust and pollutants. You might think you will be saving some money, but you are actually causing more damage to your health than before, and that alone entails medical bills that you would not want to think about.

You can’t even properly wash disposable air filters as they are made out of paper and other materials that could be easily damaged by water. People who know that piece of information instead shake them in the hopes that they would clear the dust and pollutants. This damages the filter on the inside because a small tear can and will probably occur due to that shaking, and just like that, your filter becomes useless.

Vacuuming won’t work

Reading this, you might be thinking that you could just use a vacuum instead of water or shaking. That won’t work, either. For starters, you can’t even reach the inner fibers of the disposable air filter, which means you will never be able to properly clean it. So, you would be leaving behind a lot of dust, dirt, and all sorts of pollutants and those will jeopardize not only the air quality in your place but also your HVAC system. Speaking of those, damage to your HVAC system can be quite pricey to fix, and it would be exponentially much cheaper to just replace your disposable air filter rather than risk it damaging other systems in your place and costing you a lot more money than you need to pay.

Manufacturers warn against it

With most disposable air filters, you will probably find a manufacturer’s note advising never to try and clean them and instead replace them. Why is that important? Well, if you do go against their clear instructions, you will not be eligible for any warranty claims and they would not be responsible for any damage to your filer or the rest of your place. Those instructions are there for a reason, and if you decide to ignore them, it will be completed on you and no one else.

At the end of the day, you want to save yourself money and trouble, and replacing your disposable air filter when it has served its purpose is how you can do that. Washing and reusing them can cause all sorts of problems, and you wouldn’t really be saving yourself any money in the long run.