Dental Hygienist Salary in California


Just like all other types of jobs, a dental hygienist salary in California is being affected not just by the location. This job’s pay rates would also vary for other different factors. These factors are the setting of employment and the years of experience that a dental hygienist has been practicing his profession.


Based on the Bureau of Labour Statistics, a dental hygienist could earn around $20.42 to $43.07 per hour. On the other hand, the median salary of this job is around $31.21 an hour. This is equivalent to more or less $64,910 in a year for those dental hygienists who are working full time.

As it is said, the location of the job affects greatly the salary ranges not just of that a dental hygienist but with other jobs as well.

Dental hygienist salary in California is among the highest when it comes to the mean dental hygienist salary. States such as Alaska, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon are included too.

California has the mean salary rate of $81,730 in a year. This is because the aforementioned states have a high cost of living. This should serve as your basis whenever you are considering working as a dental hygienist in other place. The salary rate here is based on the how far it would go. As a matter of fact, California’s cost of living is much higher than many other states in America. This is the reason why the state’s dental hygienists are enjoying a higher compensation


Dental hygienist salary in California is higher. The state has five metropolitan areas and four of these are having the highest dental hygienist salary.


The said metropolitans are Salinas, Napa, Rosa-Petaluma metropolitan area, and the metropolitan area of Oakland-Fremont-Hayward.

The 5th metropolitan area is that of Mount Vernon-Anacortes, WA. The years of experience is also being considered when it comes to setting the basis of this job’s pay rate. Having the Payscale as our source, those dental hygienists who have been in the practice for less than a year are with a median salary of $45,379.


Dental Hygienist Salary in California – With Experience

However, those who are with 20 years and more of work experience as dental hygienists have a median salary of $50,483. More experienced professionals have more edge and most likely to enjoy higher pay rates.

The dental hygienist salary in California would also vary on the level of training that an individual had undergone. Those who are with Associate’s, Bachelors, or Master’s degree would earn more than those you just had finished with a certificate only from a training program, given that they are in the same location.