How To Choose Custom Face-Fit Eyeglasses In A Store In Brooklyn?


Are you about to choose a new pair of eyeglasses? Well, your brand new glasses are supposed to be practical, appealing, and modern in order to fit your lifestyle and provide the necessary comfort.


There is a myriad of factors to consider when shopping for eyewear, such as the eyeglass prescription, your face shape, skin tone, as well as the color of your eyes. The ideal pair should complement your facial features and have the right lenses to improve your eyesight.

The following tips will assist you in choosing the right face-fit eyeglasses.

Consider your prescription

The eyeglass prescription is one of the essential aspects to consider when looking for the perfect glasses. It directly affects the shape and material you’re supposed to choose in order for your vision to be improved. For instance, a single vision prescription provides individuals with the greatest choice of styles as long as the prescription isn’t strong. In the event of a strong prescription, the lenses have to be thick, thus requiring small frames.

In addition, the single vision prescription is either plus or minus, hence affecting the size of the frames and the thickness of the lenses. The former makes the eyes seem larger, whereas the latter makes them look smaller. Make sure you find an optical Brooklyn NY store that provides customers with custom-fit eyewear products to match various vision requirements. For example, some individuals require bifocal or progressive lenses, which have to be perfectly centered in order to be functional.


Consider your face shape

The following factor to consider when choosing face-fit eyeglasses is the shape of your face. Prior to visiting an optical store, you’re supposed to assess your face shape in order to narrow down the choice of frames.

Round faces are easily recognized for their full cheeks, wide forehead, and soft angles. Therefore, it’s paramount to look for models that provide contrast to their circular appearance. Consequently, people with round faces are advised to choose rectangular or square frames whose angular lines create a slimmer appearance. Rimless and round frames should be avoided in order not to enhance the face roundness even further.

Moreover, oval faces are known for their balanced features, high cheekbones, and narrow forehead. This form is the most versatile when it comes to choosing eyeglass frames, allowing people to pick anything from cat-eye, round, and square models to glasses with rectangular frames. The only thing that individuals are recommended to avoid is oversized eyeglasses that affect natural facial symmetry.

Square faces are distinct for their angular features and strong jawline, hence requiring eyeglasses that soften the angular appearance. People with square faces are advised to choose either oval or round glasses, as these would provide the necessary contrast. Stay away from rectangular frames, as these enhance angular features even further. Click here to learn more about the meaning behind each face shape.

Heart-shaped faces are specific for their wide forehead, high cheekbones, and pointed chin. It’s important for the frame you choose to be wider than your forehead in order to minimize its broadness, not emphasize it.


Consider your skin tone

The skin tone is of essential importance when selecting the right color for your custom eyeglasses. For example, individuals with a warm complexion would benefit from frames in gold, brown, honey, beige, or tortoise color but not in pastel tones.

In contrast, people with a cool complexion are advised to avoid warm tones. Instead, they should consider eyeglasses frames in purple, blue, silver, pink, or black color.

Don’t forget the eye color

The color of one’s eyes is yet another factor to take into account, particularly for individuals who wish the glasses to emphasize the tone of their eyes. Consequently, people with blue eyes are recommended to choose glasses in brown tones, whereas the ones with green eyes should consider eyewear in plum tones.

Conversely, individuals with brown eyes should look for eyeglasses in a lavender, tortoise, or brownish color. For further guidance on choosing the right glasses frames, visit the following link,

Final word

Your new glasses should make you look modern but feel comfortable.


Make a wise choice!