More and more people are enrolling in CrossFit Pleasanton Gym. Here’s why

One of the challenges people from all walks of life face is achieving and maintaining a good physical shape but not for the fitness enthusiasts who see it as a gratifying and fun undertaking. A huge part of them opt for running, outdoor biking, swimming, and other fun outdoor exercises but those in Pleasanton, California who are more determined to achieve a toned and muscled body in a short period of time take more advanced and strenuous exercise routines in a CrossFit Pleasanton gym.

CrossFit in Pleasanton Gym: What is it?

CrossFit is an exercise program that is filled with high-intensity, varied workout routines that need to be continuously performed with minimal breaks in between sets. Among the strength and conditioning exercises, CrossFit is considered one of the most effective programs because CrossFit members are obliged to resist their own body weights to build strength and produce energy until the end of the session.

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First originated in the early 2000s as an exercise program for army, firefighters, and policemen, CrossFit is best known for its benefits and positive results that can be earned through HIIT or high intensity interval training. To simply put, CrossFit focused programs do not require trainees to train for a definite number of hours or go through specific sets of cardio workouts. They can be carried out in as short as 15 minutes sans the need for any extra equipment or accessories. Because of the nature of HIIT, great results can already be seen in just a matter of days provided that the trainee performed every session right and with minimal, seconds-long breaks.

Pleasanton gym goers love CrossFit for the following reasons:

  • Unlike typical gym programs, CrossFit is a high intensity interval training that can help trainees achieve their best shape and build their strength and muscle mass in a short period of time.
  • CrossFit facilitates better and fast recovery.
  • Pleasanton CrossFit community has formed a stronger bond than regular gym communities. Unlike the latter where people have different goals, members of Pleasanton CrossFit gym share the common goal and are fond of pushing each other to the limit until that goal is reached.
  • The nature of CrossFit is both fun and challenging; because of the varied movements, trainees always have something different to look forward to on a day to day basis.

Because of this, the CrossFit community in Pleasanton continues to grow in size. Consequently, a number of CrossFit Pleasanton gyms can already be seen in the place. The number of choices may get overwhelming at some point that is why having a guided choosing decision is necessary; something you can get done with proper knowledge about the essential factors that need to be taken into acount in choosing a CrossFit gym.

Risks Present in a CrossFit Pleasanton Gym

CrossFit may be a fun and highly challenging and motivating exercise program but health care specialists from across the globe have always aired out their concerns about the risks that CrossFit trainees may face while in HIIT.  This includes the prevalent injuries and ailments the high intensity routines may cause.

The good news is, these risks can always be managed or tamed, if not avoided. Trainees only need to keep their focus, attention, and presence of mind in carrying out every routine. Preventive measures and precautions have to be learned by heart to significantly reduce the occurrence of the following common injuries:

  • Strain and Lower Back Pain

Since majority of the CrossFit movements involve squatting, jumping, and/or doing both with additional weight, the likelihood of straining the lower back is high specifically in the lumbar area. One lousy move and this can already hinder a trainee from doing more CrossFit routines for a matter of months.

Strain and lower back pain are common injuries a lot of CrossFit trainees already faced because of too much weight lifting but the good news is, these injuries can always be prevented as long as CrossFit workout routines are executed correctly and warm-up and stretching routines are earlier performed before engaging in a strenuous exercise; an advice newbies must heed.

For cases where back pain persists even after taking a pain reliever, consulting the doctor is highly necessary.

  • Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injury, e.g. a torn labrum, may require a surgery and an extensive post-operation rehabilitation. Other shoulder injuries including tendonitis can cause a weigh down as well especially when trying to perform an overhead lift with a heavy pounder weight.

Because shoulder injury is also common in the CrossFit community, stretching exercises and thoracic mobility sessions are also required in Pleasanton CrossFit courses to prepare and protect the shoulders of the trainees.

  • Knee Injury

Majority of the workouts in a lot of CrossFit programs oftentimes put trainees through a lot of squatting and jumping with or without added weights. This naturally puts a lot of weight on the knees particularly when uninterrupted pressure is pressed on the knees amidst a HIIT routine. When often done, this can eventually stress the knees and may give it a severe sore feel. Because of this, CrossFit experts also advise trainees to perform some glute strengthening workout as the latter can vitally support in keeping the knees firm and the pelvis aligned.

In line with common knee injury cases like patellofemoral joint dysfunction, bone specialists advise CrossFit trainees to be keen and mindful whenever signs of knee problems appear, e.g. when knees roll amid a squatting or lunging session.

  • Other Minor Injuries

Apart from the above mentioned injuries, there are also other injuries that one can suffer from doing CrossFit. It may be highly effective and beneficial but proper knowledge is important to lessen exposure to unnecessary risks. When injuries go down, however, CrossFit trainers have to be at all times prepared for the preliminary treatment and first aids.

Topmost priority must be prevention which can only be achieved if trainees focus on their body’s capabilities and continually work on their flexibility. Besides this, getting enough sleep is also important. Overall, no prevention is better than knowing you are taking enough care of your body and setting it enough for a strenuous CrossFit activity. Although prevention is better than cure, injuries in CrossFit are somehow inevitable.