Understanding the Correlation of Time and Health

We seldom think of time when we talk about our health and wellness, but as if we think about it most of the things we do to promote them involve doing it at the right time. When it comes to our health and wellness, time is a very important tool for measuring in taking things in the right amount. Just as you measure the calories of the food to ingest and the amount of medicine you need to take, time is a factor that should be taken seriously.

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Correlation of Time and Health

Time for Sleep and Recovery

Our bodies need 7 to 8 hours of rest per day to function well and promote good health and well-being. However, because of external factors, we sometimes can’t get the required amount of rest. If we are not mindful of the amount of rest we’re having, it reflects on our performance throughout the day. And if it becomes a chronic issue, it will become a cause for serious illnesses in the future.

It is also important to sleep at the right time of day. If we just rest whenever we feel like it, it will disrupt our productivity and our body’s cycle. You may end up sleeping on times when you should be awake and you’ll be struggling to sleep when you’re required to.

Time for Outdoor Activities

When you’re outside performing extreme physical activities, you’ll be sorely at a disadvantage if you can’t track time. In a survival setting, a robust and reliable timekeeping tool is important to help you navigate into a safe zone. Having a simple yet vital sports survival watch will give you essential information for your adventure. You can expect that you’ll be exposed to the elements and wearing a durable watch is required in this scenario. There are several watches available in the market, but the best ones are usually shortlisted because they have proven time and again to be a worthy partner in your adventures.

Exercise and Time

Time in exercise is as common and important as the exercises themselves. During a workout, your body is subjected to stress in a controlled and measured environment. This means the load and duration of the stress should be at a level that promotes growth without severely damaging your muscles. In a high-level workout program, all of the exercises must be done within a certain duration. This promotes growth through high-intensity physical training with minimal rest. Also, for endurance exercises, it takes longer to help improve the body’s stamina and resilience to moderate continuous stress. This just shows that time is a factor that is sometimes a better listener to our body than ourselves.

Your Diet and Nutrition at The Right Time

Many people fail in maintaining a healthy diet because of the lack of discipline to eat at the right time. Our bodies take about an hour or more, depending on the food, to convert what we ingested into energies we need. It is not advisable to go hungry the entire day and have a feast at night to compensate. Our bodies work in a cycle and if you influence that cycle it adjusts itself by storing fat or burning it immediately. So eating healthy also means eating at the right time.

Because our bodies are made up of finite elements, we are unequivocally limited in our actions to set parts that is why we follow routines to maintain optimal conditions. Since time is a concept wherein it measures two events, we have to rely on it as our bodies may sometimes be unreliable about what it needs before it’s too late. As they say “timing is everything” it also applies to our health, we have to sleep, eat, work, and exercise at the right time if we want to live a long and productive life.