Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Condition of New Generation

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Do You Have It?

People have changed the world completely. Nowadays, the life is quite different from the life that, for example, Ancient Greeks had. People have been chasing something, and finally, they became dependent on this chase. They pay a very high price for living in the world of new technologies and achievements, but many of them even don’t know about the price they pay. The price is their health!

You may believe that you are completely healthy, just a little bit tired, maybe. But all people get tired, don’t they? Life is impossible without getting tired, and that’s normal. You are used to this idea so much that you don’t notice that your tiredness became your constant companion. You feel tired even immediately after you wake up. Do you really believe it is ok?

Then, offers you to consider some moments:

  • Are you feeling tired after you get up in the morning?
  • Are you feeling tired even at vacations or on days off?
  • Does it look like tiredness became your constant companion whatever you do?
  • Do you feel like memory loss?
  • Constant headaches

If yes, then, most likely, you aren’t dealing just with the tiredness feeling. You are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. This is not just tiredness that goes away after some rest, this is rather a medical condition that requires treatment. Do you still doubt if it is the syndrome?

How to Detect that You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

First of all, this issue isn’t so rare. Statistics tell that about one-third of the population is suffering from this medical condition, but most people don’t want to admit that they are sick until their condition worsens. So, if you have at least some signs, you better don’t wait and contact a specialist for the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms of CFS

Well, this is the most complicated part, as the first symptoms are rather of general nature and cannot be detected easily. There are normally such conditions as a deep fatigue, sleep without having rest, sleep problems. Sometimes, you may feel like your brain is numb, you cannot think properly. Those are the main indicators that you have a chronic fatigue syndrome, but these aren’t the only syndromes. Moreover, you feel like tired, but this may be normal tiredness, as well.

The cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Well, and here the bad news comes. There is no cure. Or, rather, there is no medical cure, like a pill that you take and get rid of it. First of all, you shall change your habits and lifestyle. In some cases, behavioral therapy helps, though in some cases, it is useless. The same can be told about medications. Some specialists recommend to increase physical activities and reduce mental activities and stress exposal, though, at the very end, everything depends on a particular person.

Symptoms of Other Condition

Sometimes, the fatigue can signal about other, more serious issues, like psychological disorders or even hidden inflammations. If you have consulted with a specialist and followed all recommendations, but the symptoms persist, it can be serious. You better visit a general practitioner to check if there is nothing behind this condition.

Risk Factors

Of course, some people are more vulnerable to CFS, than the others. For example, elderly people are more likely to get a CFS than younger people. Those who work in stressful conditions are more vulnerable than those who work in the open air and whose job doesn’t require too much responsibility. Those who suffer from hormonal issues also can get a CFS easily.


Whatever it may be, a CFS, a different sickness or just a common tiredness, just don’t ignore it. If you feel tired for a long time, it is a signal that something is going wrong with your body. If it is a usual feeling of tiredness, just take some days of rest, till you again feel fit and full of energy. If you suspect that you can have inflammation or another disease that causes this feeling, consult with a doctor. If you have been diagnosed with CFS, follow all recommendations of a specialist.

One more thing: living in the modern world is very demanding. That is why, take a proper care of your health, both physical and mental. Take rest when you feel that you are stressed or tired. If your job is connected with constant stress, try to find ways to switch to different activities, like sports, for example. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.