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If you are a Beverley Hills resident and have tooth replacement done using dental implant Beverly hills service then you must know all about implants and their procedures. Dental implants are path-breaking inventions and a permanent replacement for tooth loss. It is not only a tooth loss solution which is long-standing but also an instrument which can improve your facial structure to great extent. Dental implants are like real teeth and they function like originals hence improve bite, chewing ability, and beauty of your smile. The thing can go drastically wrong if these implants start giving trouble due to damage or badly done implant procedure. That is something you may not know if you have not gone through the experience. Here we tell you what will happen if something goes wrong with your dental implants.

Tell tale signs of bad or damaged dental implants

  • You may experience pain and discomfort where your implant has been done
  • You can feel the implant moving around if it got loose
  • Your gums will become inflamed and swollen

These are events that tell you that you need a replacement for your old dental implant. Unfortunately, some of you come across such situations owing to bone loss around the implant area, badly handled implant surgery, and lifestyle habits. It is very important that you get the implant replaced with new one or the state of your oral health can deteriorate very quickly. Some of you may get panicky when it occurs but the situation can be restored by your Beverley Hills dental surgeon who is well versed with dental implants and replacement procedures. You will find more tips here on how to go about the tooth implant replacement.

How failed implant is replaced by your dental implant Beverly hills

There are several reasons for dental implants failures, but the most common reason is bad “osseo integration”, a process which enables the implant to bond with jaw bone correctly. If your dentist had not applied the right implant procedure or did not craft it properly, it is possible that implant will come loose. However, the remedy is at hand with your dental implant replacement clinic at dental implant Beverley Hills who will conduct an inspection of the bad implant and suggest what should be done to replace it. Depending on the amount of bone loss you had suffered, the dentist will determine the restoration procedure. If the loss is moderate, then he may remove the old implant and allow the bone to mend. This may take a few months and will need extreme patience from you for a successful replacement.  If the bone loss is severe, a dentist will carry out bone graft to re-grow bone. When sufficient bone growth is achieved the new implant will be placed.

It is not as simple as it is stated here, because it is a precision surgery and will need advanced dental procedures and equipment to carry out. Experience of your dentist counts a lot in these cases so you need to find the right reconstructive and dental implant surgeon in your area to get it done successfully.