Black CTC Tea : Facts You Need To Know

Tea is the most widely consumed drink after water and that shows why it is loved by everyone. The classification of tea is done according to the region of origin. Black CTC tea, Lemon tea, Darjeeling tea, and many other varieties are popular amongst tea lovers.

What is Black CTC Tea

Crush, Tear, and Curl is a method of processing black tea in which the tea leaves are placed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth that crush, tear, and curl the leaves in very small pieces. Hence, CTC tea refers to the method of processing black tea.

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Black CTC tea

Health Benefits

Apart from the great taste, there are many health benefits of consuming CTC tea. CTC tea is the perfect blend that keeps you hydrated all the time. It has vital antioxidants that kill cancer-causing cells and hence can be used for the prevention of cancer. Due to our sedentary lifestyle, many of us suffer from digestive problems and this is where It can come in handy as it helps in improving the digestive system. Consumption of this variety of tea reduces the risk of heart attacks and heart problems. Verified research shows that it helps cure blood pressure, blood clotting, and also relaxes the blood vessels. These are some of the vital reasons that can motivate you to buy Black CTC tea.

How To Consume

CTC tea can be consumed with milk and sugar. CTC tea is also good for the skin. The anti-aging and anti-oxidant property of tea keeps your skin glowing the whole day. The two important anti-oxidants – Catechins and Polyphenols in the CTC Black tea are known to fight acne & aging. Black tea reduces inflammation in the body. If you are suffering from chronic diseases, it is time you regularly have a cup of Black CTC tea.CTC Black tea will help in the reduction of LDL levels. Too much LDL in the body can increase the risk of heart diseases and stroke. The best part of Black CTC tea is that it is a non-sweetened beverage that can be instrumental in reducing blood sugar.

Concentration Level

In this era of technology (mobile, TV, tablets, etc.) and the internet, there has been a massive amount of reduction in ‘concentration levels’ in individuals. Black CTC tea contains L-Theanine. This amino acid can help in improving focus and increasing alertness. Since tea is a consumable, you should be very careful about the brand that is manufacturing the tea. Rather than being too much worried about the CTC tea price list, you should opt for tea from a reputed company like Goodricke tea. Goodricke tea has tea plantations at different places in India and consumers interested in buying tea can also buy CTC tea online from their website. Though there are few options for buying quality Darjeeling tea online, none of these options can match the quality that Goodricke tea offers to its customers. All their products carry the heritage of tea gardens that are owned by the Goodricke group.

How To Make Black CTC Tea

Making it is very simple. It takes a couple of minutes and it is a great option for someone who is calorie-conscious. You can also term it as a ‘low calorie’ and ‘non-sweetened’ beverage, which is also an energy drink.

There are many who would have made a New Year resolution of ‘following a healthy lifestyle’. You don’t need to head to the gym since the inclusion of it in your diet can do wonders and you can fulfill your New Year resolution.