How to Use Best Synthetic Urine Called Upass to Pass Urine Drug Tests

Not everyone is a pothead, but most people do smoke once in a while, that might mean 2-3 times every week. Though people don’t smoke at work and while driving, they do smoke a joint in the evening after returning home. Some US states have legitimized cannabis a few months ago, however, employees and job seekers are still exposed to drug testing. People keep learning ways to use fake pee to trick the system and pass drug tests. Even though some drugs are harmless and legal, people still get crucified or become jobless due to a blunt that they smoked over the weekend.

Drug Tests

How to Pass a Urine Test

Since people have to pass a drug test at their workplace, this article will discuss the most effective and safe approach to game the system. Synthetic pee never disappoints. Utilizing fake pee for a drug test is quite simple. You just have to buy the best-manufactured pee available, dissolve the powder in warm water, verify the temperature, and present it as your urine sample. Visit this website for more info:

There are several guides and videos on various websites, but most are really basic. A urine test is the most popular test and it is not supervised 90% of the time, no one will watch as you pee. Just warm up the synthetic urine to the correct temperature about an hour before your lab appointment. Once you get to the lab, you should simply pour the clean fake urine in the sample container, and hand it over to the lab analyst. If the product looks good and is at the right temperature, they will accept it and send your test results within 7 days.

What not to do

Several drug test videos are posted daily online by people who use home remedies, it may work for you or not. Our body is extraordinary, there are a lot of factors such as smoking habits, age, sex, metabolism, body type, and so forth. What works perfectly for some, may not work for other people, regardless of whether they adhere to the directions to the T. It is best to avoid all the crappy home remedies for a drug test.

People have reported using golden seal, cranberry juice, teas, niacin and so on. Once more, some remedies might be useful and may assist you with passing the test, but these techniques are not safe and a few (particularly Niacin) can wreak havoc on your body. Click here to read more.

Who would prescribe a medication for you with no exact dosage (since none of these remedies state how much you should use)?A synthetic urine kit is safer, cost about 50 dollars and you will be 100% sure that you will pass the test.

Can I use my friend’s clean pee?

For what reason would you even need to do that when you have a better and reliableoption with fake pee? Even though your friend might guarantee you that he is clean, it is possible that his pee is tainted with drug metabolites. And there is the never-ending issue of temperature which can make the lab reject the sample and ask for another.Totally not worth it.

synthetic urine

Which synthetic urine should I buy?

There is a wide range of brands that manufacture synthetic urine. Almost all of them claim that they sell the best fake urine which can be passed off as real urine and one will definitely pass the test with them. However, several customer reviews in forums and online e-commerce websites tell another story entirely.

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Since you won’t have time or energy to test all the fake urine brands, however, Upass remains as one of the best synthetic pee brands. Most customers that have reported that they passed their test without any issue. If you are lucky, you might find it the kit available for sale in smoke shops in your area. If you can’t seem to find it anywhere, you can definitely order online and wait for a few days for delivery.

If the product can make you pass the test with flying colors, I don’t see the purpose of taking risks with other options that might not work. The risk is quite high to your career and record which you can’t afford to mess up just to spare some bucks.

How to avoid getting caught when using fake urine

If you follow the few tips below, you won’t get caught when utilizing synthetic urine.

  • Right off the bat, always hide it well. Place the urine vial in your clothing or even in your underwear. Ensure you use something strong (like a strap belt) to keep it in place, but don’t use cello tape.
  • The second tip is to verify that the temperature is correct. It is best to buy the kit that comes with powder to activate heat. This means you can check the temperature before you get to the lab and if the temperature is low, you can just add a bit of the powder to increase the temperature in a few minutes – heat pad also works but it will take longer to work.
  • The third tip is to ensure you purchase high-quality fake urine. Make sure that you are getting the best product available on the market. These are the ones made from quality ingredients similar to ones found in human pee and they are even sold as a product to calibrate the urinalysis equipment.
  • The last tip is that you have to practice. You can’t just hop out of bed on the test morning, microwave the product, tie it on, and then go to the lab to submit the sample. You have to plan everything and test how to use it. That involves collecting your urine sample as if you are being supervised. Since you never know if the lab can change their mind and ask the technician to watch while you pee.


You need to take matters into your own hands because there is no natural way to pass the urine test. So, the best you can do is to buy synthetic urine from a trustworthy brand so you can keep your dream job.