Top Benefits Of Tanning


Since ancient Greece, having fair skin is a symbol of high social class. It is only during modern times where having a tanned tone became a symbol of social prestige. It happened in the 20th century where the biological usefulness of having a darker complexion began to be revealed.


Apart from aesthetic value, tan has a scientific explanation. It can protect the body from solar radiation. After many generations, some ethnicities have lighter skin tones than others. Thus in the 1920s, Coco Chanel, an Haute Couture designer, made suntanned skin fashionable.

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Benefits Of Tanning


Thus, in this article, we will discuss the top benefits of tanning the skin:


Tanning is a Protective Shield

Tanning is the body’s biological response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. When we sunbath, the cells in our skin called melanocytes will protect us from damage brought about by solar radiation and it will generate melanin. This will act as a protective shield against the rays of the sun.

This radiation will cause mutations in the DNA. It will increase the risk of cancer. It can also break down nutrients such as folic acid. This is responsible for making the cells function well. Furthermore, it will also damage collage plus other skin proteins, which will increase the appearance of wrinkles.

Melanin is produced in vesicles that are transported and accumulated around the cells. It works as such to protect the DNA from ultraviolet radiation.

When we bathe under the sun, the rays will activate the cells that secrete melanin. The pigment will absorb radiation and make the skin brown. Indeed, this is the body’s defense mechanism.


Tanning for Special Occasions

Many people decide to get tanned skin with melanotan 2for special occasions of their life. Women and men in bridal parties would want to have tanned skin so they will look best during their friend’s special day. Spray tanning is a quick way to highlight the natural skin tone in their awesome dresses.

Another is during photoshoots. With flawless tanned skin, it will give people some confidence that they will look their best on pictures. There are certified spray tanning technicians who select their perfect formula for every individual skin tone. This will ensure that their photograph will capture them in the perfect light.

Apart from this, the possibility of finding that special someone will often bring new clients to tanning shops. Indeed, selecting the perfect outfit is not the only thing to worry about. Tanning can also help spray away the jitters. This will give you more confidence in your appearance to make a great first impression.

School events will provide for the perfect opportunity to bring people closer and talk about their tanned skin with melanotan 2. School reunions are one of them and there are plenty of photographs that will help commemorate these special occasions. Looking best on the photos will help people remember these milestones fondly.


Skin Will Not Tan Naturally

You might often hear people that their fair skin is unable to tan and it turns red in the sun. There are advanced solutions available today that will help people achieve a dark and natural hue to their skin. The results will continuously bring tanned skin even if the tanning option is sunless.

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