Beauty Tips From the Experts? Let’s Talk About That


Let’s be honest, there’s a ton of disinformation on the internet when it comes to just about everything, and beauty tips from “experts” are no different. Take a trip to YouTube and you’ll have endless options of makeup tutorial videos and skincare routines. Unfortunately, because it’s so easy to put up these videos we can run into a lot of bad advice. Fortunately, we’re here to make sure you don’t end up making any beauty mistakes.


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Beauty Tips From the Experts


Skin Care Routines

Some people might taut that you don’t need to do your skincare routine regularly at all, and these individuals have got to be blessed. Your skin needs care everyday, whether you’re doing it in the morning or night. It’s important to use a competent beauty blog as your source of information. Otherwise, you may end up with an acne breakout from not taking care of your skin. Make sure to stick to products that are ideal for your skin type.

Over Exfoliating

Anyone who offers you beauty tips telling you to exfoliate more than a few times a week is definitely off their rocker. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, which is awesome for skin health, but over exfoliating can remove healthy tissue and cause some damage. You know if you’re over exfoliating if you’re experiencing some redness, skin flakiness, or breakouts of acne.  If you have oily skin you may need to exfoliate more often, if you have dry skin you should stick to one or two times a week.


Wearing Makeup Everyday

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people tell me that wearing makeup every day is bad for you. This just isn’t true, you’re perfectly fine wearing your makeup everyday. As long as you’re taking care of your skin, and using products that are friendly for your skin type you’ll be fine. You also want to wash your makeup off everyday as well to prevent any breakouts. Wearing makeup everyday can also help you get into the habit of performing your daily skin care ritual.

Buying The Right Sunscreen

The higher the SPF the better right? This is actually false. Sunscreen with a broad spectrum actually helps defend against multiple types of UV radiation. Stronger SPF sunscreens may only prevent damage from UV B rays and not UV A rays, so don’t fall into the habit of buying the strongest kind that you see. Many people buy stronger lotion because they feel like they won’t need to reapply it later. Higher SPF lotion still needs to be reapplied just as frequently as any other lotion, so make sure you lather up to avoid getting a sunburn!

Reducing Facial Oil

Rubbing alcohol is often touted as a way for those with oily skin to help tone down natural oils. This actually does more harm than good in two different ways. One, it dries out your skin and promotes acne growth. Two, it removes the natural oils on your face that make your skin shine naturally. Rubbing alcohol never has any place on your face, and oily skin is often a sign your skin is already dehydrated.

Oily Skin And Moisturizing

This beauty tip is a bit harder to point out, because it seems to be rational. If you have oily skin, why would you moisturize? Obviously your skin is already oily so there’s no reason you need to hydrate it anymore right? Wrong. If your skin is oily it may be because your skin is overly dry, and your body is trying to compensate. After cleansing your face, be sure to moisturize and this may actually inhibit the natural oils your body produces.

Washing Your Hair

I think most of us know that washing our hair everyday is bad news. But if you’re having trouble maintaining your hair health, you might be willing to try anything to fix the damage. Trust me, washing your hair everyday is not going to help you and don’t listen to anyone who says it will. If you’ve recently changed hair products go back to your previous routine. Washing your hair daily is not going to help you solve hair care trouble, and will make it a bigger nightmare.


Don’t believe all the beauty tips you hear, sometimes what works for other people isn’t going to work for you. Other times these methods can actually cause more damage than they solve, so be sure to research any beauty methods before you start implementing them. Even your favorite YouTube, or Blogger can get it wrong sometimes, and everyone makes mistakes. If you’re having hair or skin trouble, it could be because you’re using a beauty method that just doesn’t work.

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