Are E-cigs A Scam Or The Real Deal?


Like any other invention, people are always skeptical before getting convinced of joining vaping technology as an alternative for conventional smoking. The big question, however, is; Are e-cigs a scam or the real deal? Is it worth the hype? Yes, it is worth the hype, and yes, it is the real deal! Besides the immense health benefits that e cigs have brought along with its use, using a vape pen looks way cooler that holding a cigarette with two fingers. If you are still not sure if you should ditch the traditional way of smoking and join vaping, here’s why you should;


Must Read What You Need to Know About Vape Juice Safety

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  1. E cigars can improve your health

Perhaps, one of the main reasons why e-cigs are the real deal is the fact that it can significantly improve the health of smokers. Many smokers struggle with quitting, and many end up becoming sickly due to continuous smoking. However, with vape pens, the fact that you can control your nicotine intake is one way that helps to improve the smoker’s health. Additionally, e cigars have less harmful chemicals and also silence cravings quite fast. In the long run, the number of people who quit smoking will significantly increase, which means that their health will improve as well.

  1. They are eco-friendly

Besides taking care of our health, we also need to take care of our environment. Smoking cigarettes causes air pollution. Also, the ash and cigarette butts play a big role in littering and making our environment unbearable. There have also been cases of fire where the cigarettes butts have been disposed wrongly. To avoid all these environmental hazards, it is best to use vape pens to eliminate polluting the environment.

  1. E-cigs are affordable

We live in tough economic times where everyone is trying to make their ends meet by minimizing their expenditure. As such, the smokers can as well be able to save some costs by starting to use real quality vapor devices. You might debate that vape pens are expensive, but do you know that you only need one vape pen to enjoy as many sessions as you would like. All that you need after purchasing the vape pen is the flavor which in most cases last for long before you buy another one.

  1. They are convenient

Have you ever come across a place written smoking zone? Have you ever asked yourself why? Well, the smoking zones are set aside to help the smokers enjoy puffing their cigarettes without necessarily affecting others. The odors that come from the cigarettes are very unpleasant and can be quite irritating to the people near you. On the other hand, with vaping, you can smoke in public places as you no longer have to worry about the weird stares from the people near you. Also, vaping eliminates the noxious smell as the vapes use flavors with pleasant aromas.

  1. You can choose from a variety of flavors

Forget about having only two options, which are menthol and tobacco when smoking cigarettes. With e-cigars, you have the choice to select from a wide variety. And as if that is not enough, you can decide to mix different flavors to your liking.