10 Jobs That are Hazardous for Your Health


Every job has its pros and cons, but some jobs are hazardous to your health. In some cases, people find these jobs worth it because of their higher pay or a love for the profession. Here is a look at 10 jobs that are hazardous for your health.


Hazardous Jobs


Metal Casters and Pourers

Those who pour molten metal into molds are exposed to many contaminants every day. They are also working with high temperatures and often experience burns. The products they create are impressive, but the job certainly comes with risks.

Metal-refining Furnace Repairmen and Operators

Those who tend to the furnaces that heat the metal to the point of melting before casting or to produce steel are also at high risk of health problems. They are exposed to a huge number of contaminants and are also prone to burns. They work in very hot and hazardous conditions.

Surgical Assistants

Surgical technologists and assistants are both likely to be exposed to disease or contaminants. Although personal protective equipment is worn, using sharp objects during surgeries means that gloves or other protective equipment may be damaged and allow infection in.


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Paramedics never know what they may find when they arrive at the scene. Not only can they be exposed to disease or contaminants, but they may also be injured by belligerent or intoxicated patients. They also may have to remove people who are trapped in vehicles or in the rubble, posing a high risk of injury.

Municipal Firefighters

Municipal firefighters often arrive on the scene after a 911 call and can be exposed to disease or contaminants. It also can be very dangerous fighting fires, with firefighters being exposed to high heat and dangerous conditions when entering burning buildings.

Flight Attendants

Especially at the age of COVID-19, it is risky to be a flight attendant. With crew and passengers being in a confined space, it is easy for disease to spread. Flight attendants also deal with strange sleep schedules, lack of exercise, and abuse from passengers.


Garbagemen not only deal with lifting heavy objects and potential falls but also being exposed to whatever is in the garbage. They may have direct contact with blood or waste from the garbage. There could also be rats or other critters living in the garbage who bite.


Construction Workers

There are many risks associated with being a construction worker. These include working at heights, moving heavy objects, being exposed to loud noise, saws, and other sharp objects. Those who demolish old buildings can also be exposed to asbestos, which can lead to mesothelioma. Learn about the diagnostic process for mesothelioma if you are concerned about exposure.


Millwrights are exposed to hazardous equipment, contaminants, and often work in hazardous conditions. These workers move, install, or dismantle heavy equipment and machinery. They use blueprints, layout plans, or other drawings to perform their job.